Dungeon Ward APK v2023.11.2 + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money/Points/AD-Free)
Dungeon Ward APK v2023.11.2 + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money/Points/AD-Free)

Dungeon Ward APK v2023.11.2 + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money/Points/AD-Free)

The Dungeon Ward Premium APK version allows you to enjoy an even smoother gaming experience than before with free money, higher points and no annoying ads.

Name Dungeon Ward
Publisher František Liška
Genre Role Playing
Size 364.3 MB
Version 2023.11.2
MOD Unlimited Money/Points/AD-Free
Get it On Google Play
Dungeon Ward is the most famous version in the Dungeon Ward series of publisher František Liška
Mod Version 2023.11.2
Total installs 100,000+

Dungeon Ward is an exciting new RPG game that takes you on an epic adventure through dark dungeons and mysterious labyrinths. With its stylish pixel art graphics and roguelike gameplay, Dungeon Ward provides hours of enjoyment for RPG fans. This guide will give you tips and tricks to master Dungeon Ward, defeat enemies, and explore the furthest depths of the dungeon. We’ll also cover how to get unlimited money, points and ad-free gameplay with the MOD version so you can fully experience everything this game has to offer. Let’s dive in!

Dungeon Ward 1

Getting Started in Dungeon Ward

When you first load up Dungeon Ward, you’ll create your character and be dropped into the starting dungeon area. Here are some beginner tips to help you get going:

  • Choose your class wisely – Classes like Warrior and Mage have different strengths, so pick one that fits your playstyle. You can always change classes later too.
  • Talk to NPCs – Speaking with NPCs can give you valuable tips, story information and side quests. Don’t ignore them!
  • Search every room – Make sure to fully explore each procedurally generated room. Look for chests, enemies and hidden secrets.
  • Collect loot – Loot everything! Weapons, armor, potions, gold, etc. Better gear makes a big difference.
  • Check your inventory – Review your inventory often and equip better items as you find them. Using consumables like potions is key too.

Once you get the hang of moving, fighting enemies and looting rooms, you’ll be ready to start venturing deeper into the dungeons.

Early Game Survival Tips

The beginning of Dungeon Ward can be challenging as you learn the mechanics and level up your character. Here are some tips for surviving the early game:

  • Don’t run low on health – Keep health potions stocked and use them before you get too low. Running out of health spells certain doom!
  • Level up often – Return to town frequently to level up and boost your stats at checkpoints. This makes you stronger.
  • Learn enemy patterns – Study how enemies attack so you can dodge and counterattack properly. Pattern recognition is key!
  • Use corners tactically – Enemies can only attack from one direction around corners. Use this to your advantage to thin out foes.
  • Flee if overwhelmed – No shame in running away to heal up and re-engage on better terms. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

Follow these tips carefully and you’ll push past the early game in no time. Soon you’ll be ready to handle what lies deeper in the dungeon’s depths…

Dungeon Ward

Intermediate Strategies to Dominate Dungeons

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Dungeon Ward, it’s time to step up your game with these intermediate combat, looting and exploration strategies:

Tactical Combat Tips

  • Lure and isolate enemies – Pull individual enemies away from groups to take them out one-by-one.
  • Maximize combos – Chain together attacks and abilities for combos to deal bonus damage.
  • Use items strategically – Deploy bombs, traps and turrets to shape the battlefield to your advantage.
  • Exploit enemy weaknesses – Use the right damage types enemies are weak against for maximum impact.
  • Timing is everything – Dodge and parry enemy blows with proper timing to counterattack or retaliate.
Dungeon Ward 5

Smarter Looting & Inventory Management

  • Prioritize rarer loot – Gear color indicates rarity, so pick up higher rarity items first.
  • Sell unwanted gear – Cash in extra weapons and items at the town shop to earn money.
  • Organize your inventory – Keep your backpack neatly arranged so you can find what you need quickly.
  • Don’t hoard consumables – Use potions and scrolls frequently instead of saving them indefinitely.
  • Upgrade selectively – Only upgrade your most powerful equipment to maximize their potential.

Dungeon Crawling & Exploration Tips

  • Search for secret rooms – Bomb suspicious walls to unveil hidden caches and treasures.
  • Map your progress – Utilize the mapping tools to avoid getting lost or going in circles.
  • Gather environmental clues – Note bloodstains, cracks in walls, etc that may hint at secrets.
  • Examine everything – Zoom in on objects and interact to uncover secrets and lore tidbits.
  • Retrace your steps – Backtracking may reveal new routes and items that were inaccessible earlier.

Mastering these more advanced skills will transform you into a true dungeon delving pro. Keep them in mind as you plunge into the unknown!

Dungeon Ward 3

Unleashing Your Power with Classes & Builds

One of Dungeon Ward’s greatest strengths is its diverse classes and character build options. Here’s how to make the most of them:

Choosing Your Class

  • Warrior – Mobile melee fighter good for beginners. Excellent defense and tanking.
  • Rogue – Quick and deadly dual-wielder that excels at crits and evasion.
  • Mage – Devastating spellcaster with powerful AOE and elemental attacks. Squishy.
  • Cleric – Supportive healer that buffs allies and wields holy magic.

Build Crafting Tips

  • Match gear to your build – Equip items that boost your chosen skills and abilities.
  • Hybrid builds work too – Mix and match skills from multiple classes for unique combinations.
  • Respec to reinvent – Don’t be afraid to respec your points to try different builds.
  • Stack synergizing skills – Combine skills that cause bonus effects when used together.
  • Balance defense and offense – Too much glass cannon power can get you killed quickly.

With the right class and build, you’ll be able to conquer dungeons in your own unique playstyle. Experiment and find what works best for you!

Dungeon Ward 4

Dungeon Conquering Power with MODs

The standard Dungeon Ward experience provides dozens of hours of fun. But installing mods takes it to another level! Here are some of the best mod benefits:

Unlimited Money

Money mods remove restrictions on gold earned from enemies and quests. Use unlimited funds to:

  • Buy top-tier weapons and armor early
  • Bribe NPCs for favors and prizes
  • Upgrade skills and gear without grinding
  • Respec builds anytime you want
Dungeon Ward 2

Unlimited Points

Point mods lift limits on skill points earned when leveling up. Benefits include:

  • Unlock all skills faster
  • Max out multiple skill trees
  • Become overpowered quickly
  • Trivialize early game difficulty


Ad removal mods block those immersion breaking ads. Enjoy uninterrupted:

  • Dungeon crawling without interruptions
  • Boss fights and story moments
  • Peace of mind without annoying ads

MOD Installation Tips

  • Enable 3rd party installs – Allow installation from outside the Play Store to use mods.
  • Read the instructions – Carefully follow each mod’s installation guide to avoid issues.
  • Make backups – Backup your game data in case something goes wrong.
  • One mod at a time – Install mods individually instead of all at once to pinpoint problems.
  • Update mods after game patches – Game updates can break outdated mods, so keep them updated.

With the amazing benefits of mods, you can take your Dungeon Ward experience to incredible new heights!


Is Dungeon Ward free to play?

Yes, Dungeon Ward is currently free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases. There are no upfront costs.

What platforms is it available on?

Dungeon Ward can be downloaded on Android and iOS mobile devices. It is not currently available for PC or consoles.

Does it require an internet connection?

No, Dungeon Ward can be played fully offline after the initial install. No internet connection is required.

Are there microtransactions?

Yes, Dungeon Ward has optional in-app purchases for currency, gear, and other boosts. They are not required to progress or beat the game.

Is there a clan or guild system?

Not currently, but the developers have mentioned adding clan/guild features in future updates after launch.

Can I customize my character?

Yes, you can fully customize your character’s cosmetic appearance, names, titles, and more during creation. No impact on stats.

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