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Name Coin Master Coin Master is the most famous version in the Coin Master series of publisher Moon Active
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Coin Master is an exciting mobile game that has taken the world by storm. This addictive game combines the thrill of slots with strategic village building. With exciting features like coin raids, card collecting, and pet management, it’s no wonder Coin Master has been downloaded over 100 million times!

In this article, we’ll explore Coin Master gameplay in depth. You’ll learn Coin Master tips and strategies to master raids, build amazing villages, and win big! Let’s dive in for a wild ride of strategy, luck, and adrenaline.

Coin Master

An Overview of Coin Master Gameplay

Coin Master is a freemium mobile game. The core gameplay centers around a virtual slot machine. Players spin to win coins, attacks, shields, and extra spins. The coins are then used to build and upgrade a village. With each village upgrade, players earn more loot from raids.

The gameplay loop is simple yet satisfying. You spin to get resources, use those resources to improve your village, then use your improved village to get even more resources. This positive feedback loop creates addictive gameplay. The more you play, the more loot you get!

Now let’s break down the key elements of Coin Master gameplay:

Spinning the Slots

The virtual slot machine is the core of Coin Master. You get free spins every hour, which can also be topped up by:

  • Waiting for full refill (5 spins per hour)
  • Leveling up your village
  • Completing card collections
  • Watching ads or making in-app purchases

The slots have three reels with various symbols:

  • Coins – Used to build and upgrade structures
  • Hammer – Gives coin attacks to raid other villages
  • Shield – Protects your village from attacks
  • Pig Face – Doubles your winnings!

The goal is to line up matching symbols and win prizes. The more coins and attacks you win, the faster you can progress.

Raiding Other Villages

Raiding is how you steal coins from other villages. Each hammer symbol gives you a certain number of attacks. Then you can choose a random village to attack and attempt to steal their hard-earned loot!

You don’t get to keep the full amount though. After a raid, the village owner can attempt to take some coins back. The stronger your village, the more coins you can protect.

Raiding is a fun way to mess with real players while getting resources. Just be careful, because they can always raid you back!

Coin Master 1

Building and Upgrading Your Village

The coins you earn are used to build and upgrade structures in your home village. There are over 100 buildings, and each one unlocks new features and resources.

Some key buildings include:

  • Houses – Increase your coin limit. More coins means you can upgrade faster!
  • Resources – Like pigsties, forges, and windmills to generate more coins over time.
  • Defenses – Protect your resources from attacks by other players.
  • Decorations – Customize your village with fun decorations and landscapes.

Upgrading buildings costs a ton of coins, but it’s worthwhile. More advanced buildings earn you way more resources than early ones. Having an impressive village also intimidates enemies from raiding you!

Card Collections

Collecting full sets of cards gives you a big coin reward! There are several card types:

  • Village – Features characters like the Coin Master himself.
  • Vikings – Based on each Viking faction, like Hippie and Warrior.
  • Pets – Adorable creatures that help defend your village.
  • Events – Limited-edition sets based on holidays like Christmas.

Cards are earned by spinning or purchased with real money. It takes 9 village cards and 15 of the other types to complete a collection.

Completing card sets is absolutely worth it for the payout. It’s one of the fastest ways to build your coin stash!

Coin Master 4


Pets are adorable creatures that help defend your village. As you get more of the same pet, it levels up and becomes more powerful.

Pets can:

  • Find coins when exploring.
  • Protect your loot during raids. Higher levels protect more!
  • Give bonus spins when their energy is full.
  • Dig up treats with mini-games. Treats buff your spins!

Focusing on a few pets rather than spreading out is best. Level them up as much as possible to maximize protection and coin rewards!

Social Elements

You can interact with friends and other players in Coin Master. Ways to play together include:

  • Raiding – Attack friends’ villages to steal their loot.
  • Revenge – Get payback on someone who raided your village.
  • Gifting – Send and receive free spins.
  • Card trading – Trade duplicate cards to complete sets.
  • Tournaments – Compete on leaderboards for big prizes.

Playing with others makes the game way more fun. You can team up on tough enemies or start friendly competition among friends.

Coin Master 2

Coin Master Tips and Strategies

Now that you know the basics, let’s get into some pro tips and strategies. Follow this Coin Master advice to get resources faster and crush opponents:

Spin Strategically

  • Time spins – Only use free spins when a bonus is active to maximize winnings.
  • Watch ads – Opt to watch ads when given the chance for free stuff.
  • Buy deals – Consider special bundles that give resources at a discount.
  • Bet max – When low on coins, bet the max to risk it for a big reward.

Raid Like a Pro

  • Revenge raid – Focus attacks on whoever hit your village last.
  • Raid friends – Friends can’t take revenge, so they’re safe targets.
  • Shield first – Before logging off, use shields to protect loot.
  • Check balances – Scope targets with high coin balances for maximum loot.

Build Smarter

  • Upgrade houses first – They increase your coin limit so you can build more.
  • Resources second – Buildings like windmills give you passive income.
  • Defenses third – Protect your high-value buildings from raids.
  • Save decorations – Only build decor when you’ve upgraded key structures.
Coin Master 3

Card Collection Tips

  • Buy in sets – Like 4x pet cards at once, so you can trade duplicates.
  • Focus on one set – Complete a lower amount first, for that coin payout.
  • Don’t overpay – Be patient rather than buying cards for gems.
  • Trade duplicates – Partner with friends to exchange duplicate cards.

Pet Power-Ups

  • Feed treats – Use pet mini-games to get treats and level them up.
  • Top pet first – Focus all treats on maxing out your top pet.
  • Low energy first – Give treats to pets with low energy for bonus spins.
  • Explore often – Keep pets exploring all the time to maximize coin finds.

By mastering these tips and strategies, you’ll be raiding tons of loot and ruling over the mightiest Coin Master village in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more spins?

Wait for free spins to refill every hour
Level up your village to earn spins
Complete card collections
Invite friends and get spins as rewards
Watch ad videos for extra spins
Participate in events and tournaments
Purchase spins bundles with real money

What is the best way to use spins?

Save spins until a bonus round is active, like Coin Master or Village Master. This multiplies your winnings! Also, bet the maximum during these rounds to maximize profits.

How do I earn cards fast?

Focus on completing lower card sets first, like pets. Trade duplicates with friends to finish collections sooner. You can also buy card bundles, but they are expensive. Being patient and using free spins is best for F2P players.

Should I use real money?

You can progress without spending money, but it will be slower. Special bundles and deals give you a nice boost. Just be careful not to overspend! Set a reasonable limit and only buy discounted packages.

How do I stop other players from raiding me?

Upgrade defensive buildings to protect more loot
Spend shield spins before logging off
Keep your coin balance low by spending before raids
Take revenge on players who raid you frequently

And that wraps up this Coin Master deep dive! Hopefully you now have the knowledge to revel in raiding, rule villages, and collect tons of cards. Time to put these Coin Master gameplay strategies to the test. Your village awaits – go forth and plunder those coins!

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