Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG APK v7.15.398158 (MOD, God Mode, Unlimited Ultimate)
Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG APK v7.15.398158 (MOD, God Mode, Unlimited Ultimate)

Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG APK v7.15.398158 (MOD, God Mode, Unlimited Ultimate)

Maximize your gaming pleasure with Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG Premium Apk! Start the game with features such as unlimited ultimate and god mode.

Name Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG
Publisher Nodding Frog Ltd
Genre Role Playing
Size 122.1 MB
Version 7.15.398158
MOD Unlimited Ultimate, God Mode
Get it On Google Play
Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG is the most famous version in the Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG series of publisher Nodding Frog Ltd
Mod Version 7.15.398158
Total installs 1,000,000+

Get ready to rock and rumble as Eddie across the lands of metal in Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast! This action RPG immerses you in Iron Maiden’s expansive lore and music as you battle through their iconic album covers brought to life. With furious combat, relic hunting, beast taming, and headbanging galore, this is a heavy metal journey like no other!

Iron Maiden Legacy Beast RPG

Brutal Melee Combat

As Eddie, you’ll unleash devastation with up-close-and-personal weapon combat. Each weapon like swords, axes, maces, and flails has its own unique combos and abilities to master. Send enemies flying with crushing blows in seamless, hard-hitting combat. Block, dodge, and parry incoming attacks to stay on the offensive. Charge your Rage Meter to unleash Eddie’s unstoppable Beast Mode, morphing into different forms like werebeasts for increased carnage. The visceral combat makes you feel the impact of every hit.

Iron Maiden Legacy Beast RPG 4

Epic Boss Battles

Battle massive bosses ripped from Iron Maiden’s iconic album covers, like the towering pharaoh Eddie from Powerslave and the infamous demon from The Number of the Beast. These huge foes put your combat skills to the test. Learn their attack patterns to dodge their devastating strikes, watch for openings to deal damage, and utilize the environment to gain any advantage. Each boss provides a memorable metal-charged showdown.

Iron Maiden Legacy Beast RPG 1

Legacy of the Beast Storyline

Embark on an epic quest as Eddie to gather the lost relics and stop the forces of evil from controlling the Beast and threatening the realms. Journey through Iron Maiden’s rich fantasy worlds from their albums and artwork recreated in vivid detail. This new Legacy of the Beast storyline expands the lore, giving veteran fans something fresh while remaining true to the source material.

Explore Heavy Metal Realms

Each realm you explore pays homage to a different Iron Maiden album. Rain blood and battle demons in the dark world of The Number of the Beast. Fight through ancient Egyptian sands in Powerslave. Face legions of the undead in Somewhere in Time’s futuristic city. The distinct realms feature Iron Maiden’s iconic settings brought to life in 3D environments.

Iron Maiden Legacy Beast RPG 2

Beast Hunting and Taming

Seek out and defeat the dangerous Legacy Beasts, like the Murk Beast and Flame Beast, lurking in each realm. Once defeated, use your Beast Hunter relic to tame these creatures. You can then summon your tamed Beasts in battle to aid you. Each Beast has their own playstyle – the Murk Beast inflicts poison on foes, while the Flame Beast deals area of effect damage.

Collect Hidden Relics and Upgrades

Exploring the realms reveals hidden treasures like the lost Legacy relics needed to stop evil from consuming the Beast. Find Eddie’s iconic axe, crossed swords, shield and more to gain powers. You can also find Beast trophies, artifacts, glyphs, and other loot to upgrade combat abilities. Collecting relics unlocks new combos, attack boosts, and powers to conquer greater challenges.

Iron Maiden Legacy Beast RPG 3

Rock Out to Iconic Iron Maiden Songs

Of course, bashing beasts and demons wouldn’t be the same without the perfect heavy metal soundtrack. Iron Maiden’s extensive catalog provides the backdrop, from “Run to the Hills” to “Fear of the Dark” to “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and many more classics. Let these amazing songs fuel your rampage!

For metalheads and Iron Maiden fans, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast offers the ultimate fantasy RPG experience steeped in the band’s iconic music and lore. Now grab your axe and go bash some beastly brains in! Up the irons!

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms is the game available on?

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is available on iOS, Android, and Steam for PC.

Is this an online multiplayer game?

No, the game is entirely single player focused – no multiplayer or co-op exists currently.

Is the combat similar to Devil May Cry or God of War?

Yes, fast-paced melee combat and finishing moves take inspiration from those franchises. Combos feel fluid and hard-hitting.

How does the game progress – is it mission based?

It uses interconnected realms and areas with both main story missions and side quests/exploration across a world map.

Can you play as other characters besides Eddie?

No, Eddie is the lone protagonist. However, you can summon different beast companions in battle for aid.

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