Grim Soul APK v5.9.0 (MOD, Mega Menu/VIP Unlocked)
Grim Soul APK v5.9.0 (MOD, Mega Menu/VIP Unlocked)

Grim Soul APK v5.9.0 (MOD, Mega Menu/VIP Unlocked)

Thanks to Grim Soul Premium apk, you can access the unlocked VIP and mega menu. You can unlock all contents, get better gaming experience.

Name Grim Soul
Publisher Brickworks Games Ltd
Genre Role Playing
Size 388.5 MB
Version 5.9.0
MOD Mega Menu/VIP Unlocked
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Grim Soul is the most famous version in the Grim Soul series of publisher Brickworks Games Ltd
Mod Version 5.9.0
Total installs 10,000,000+

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is an immersive RPG game that transports players to a gritty, unforgiving world. As one of the last survivors in the aftermath of a mysterious war, players must scrape by day-to-day just to stay alive. This game offers a unique hardcore survival experience packed with rich roleplaying elements.

Grim Soul

Fighting Tooth and Nail To Survive

Upon starting the game, players find themselves stranded in the middle of a destroyed kingdom with nothing but ripped clothes on their backs. The first order of business is gearing up to take on the wretched undead and vile dark forces occupying the land.

Scavenging Abandoned Locations

Players can scour abandoned villages, crypts, and battlefields looking for resources. These decrepit locations contain scraps of food, wood, cloth, candles, and other useful items. However, be prepared to face zombies, skeletons, wraiths, and worse creeping within the ruins. Choose fights wisely – fleeing to live another day is often the best option when severely outmatched early on.

Crafting Weapons, Potions, and More

After amassing enough resources, players can build crafting stations to create a wide array of items. Forge makeshift weapons and armor to boost fighting capability. Brew vital health and energy restoring potions from herbs gathered in the wilderness. Even construct a basic shelter that offers respite from the horrors outside.

Unlocking New Gear Through Gameplay

Defeating enemies and completing certain objectives rewards players with items unavailable anywhere else. These special weapons, armor pieces, and relics possess unique attributes that significantly tilt the odds in the player’s favor. But accessing the most formidable gear takes playing smart and mastering combat mechanics through endless hours of gameplay.

Grim Soul 1

Engaging In Tactical, Skill-Based Combat

Fighting intelligent foes in Grim Soul tests more than just weapon swinging prowess. Understanding character strengths/weaknesses and employing effective strategies is a must, especially when outnumbered.

Carefully Managing Stamina

Each combat action – whether attacking, blocking, or dodging – consumes valuable stamina. Deplete it completely and the character sits defenseless until it gradually refills. Therefore players must weigh each move carefully rather than just button mashing. Perhaps hold in reserve enough stamina to escape if a fight tilts south.

Grim Soul 5

Executing Devastating Special Attacks

Unleash devastating blows capable of turning the tide in challenging battles. These special attacks have requirements like specific gear pieces or weapon mastery levels to execute. When triggered at the perfect moment though, they inflict cripling damage or stun groups of enemies. Just be wary of overextending into dangerous positions while attempting them.

Exploiting Enemy Vulnerabilities

Certain gear deals bonus damage to particular enemy types with corresponding vulnerabilities. Equipping a mace-type weapon pulsating with holy energy, for example, decimates the undead. Whereas a sword containing shards of volcanic glass works well against demonic entities. Keep an assortment of weapons with different damage types on hand to counter any opposition.

Grim Soul 2

Building Up a Home Base Hub

Eventually players will want to construct a secure hub for sleeping, storing items, and further building up their capabilities via special structures.

Fortifying Defenses

The base begins as just a simple enclosed campsite with a firepit. From there, reinforce the walls, set spike traps, and fill moats with impenetrable barriers. Transform the area into a virtual stronghold capable of withstanding assaults from the most vicious invaders.

Unlocking Additional Functions

Build structures like a kitchen for cooking stat boosting meals or an altar to pray for bonuses and enchant gear. A tanning rack cures animal hides into leather for making armor. Even a humble garden plot yields ingredients for crafting essential potions. More options become available as players collect rare resources over the course of their journey.

Grim Soul 3

Venturing Beyond Into Mysterious Realms

While securing a foothold early on occupies much time, the meat of Grim Soul’s expansive world opens up upon reaching level 10. That is when portals appear providing access to different procedurally generated areas chock full of new quests and exotic loot.

The Northern Lands

Venture into frigid mountainous territory blanketed in snow to take on foreboding creatures like frost giants, mammoths, and yeti. Surviving the harsh landscape itself with its deadly cold temperature and avalanches proves daunting as well. But the promise of obtaining thick fur hides and frozen artifacts lures the most courageous explorers.

The Eastern Desert

Travel eastward into a parched wasteland where survival depends upon finding oases before perishing under the searing sun. While roaming the desert, beware venomous snakes hiding beneath the sands along with territorial bands of vicious hyenas. However, ancient ruins scattered throughout may contain relics and treasures beyond imagination.

Grim Soul 4

The Southern Swamps

A fetid, festering bog filled with through tangled vines and sinkholes covers the southern reaches of the world. Grotesque swamp dwellers like lizardmen and poisonous giant insects dominate the area. Still, colorful exotic flowers proliferating there serve as ingredients for extremely potent potions. So prepare antidotes and venture carefully into the tea-colored waters in search of botanical prizes.


What type of game is Grim Soul exactly?

Grim Soul belongs in the sandbox survival RPG genre. Players are free to approach objectives and challenges as they choose within an open persistent game world. The focus lies more on improvising solutions to dangerous scenarios rather than following set quest lines.

How does the gameplay compare to Dark Souls?

While not nearly as technical, Grim Soul captures much of the Dark Souls ruthless, high stakes combat style. Bash enemies for a few moments of carelessness or complacency and health diminishes rapidly. Conversely, playing intelligently to outwit lethal foes, no matter their size, grants a supreme sense of accomplishment.

Is there a multiplayer or online component?

No, Grim Soul remains an entirely singleplayer endeavor. Some key mechanics would admittedly not translate well into a multiplayer environment. Namely open world exploration and base building features central to the gameplay.

How long does a typical playthrough last?

Grim Soul offers dozens upon dozens of hours worth of content. Completing the main storyline along with side activities takes roughly 60-100 hours for most players. Several gameplay aspects also feature randomization providing incentive to start fresh runs using different character builds.

So brace for a hardcore medieval survival experience like no other and download Grim Soul today. Immerse yourself in a sprawling open world brimming with mysteries to uncover and nightmares to conquer as you claw tooth and nail just to see another day.

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