Guild of Heroes APK v1.156.10 (MOD, No Skill CD/Free Shopping)
Guild of Heroes APK v1.156.10 (MOD, No Skill CD/Free Shopping)

Guild of Heroes APK v1.156.10 (MOD, No Skill CD/Free Shopping)

With free shopping Enter the sprawling fantasy world of Guild of Heroes APK, an immersive RPG featuring heroic guilds warring for domination.

Name Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG
Publisher BIT GAMES
Genre Role Playing
Size 176.29 MB
Version 1.156.10
MOD Free Shopping&No Skill CD
Get it On Google Play
Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG is the most famous version in the Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG series of publisher BIT GAMES
Mod Version 1.156.10

Enter the sprawling fantasy world of Guild of Heroes, an immersive RPG featuring heroic guilds warring for domination.

In this real-time multiplayer game, you build up guilds, recruit heroes, train troops, and engage in strategic PvP battles against other players and guilds. The goal is to conquer territories on the world map and ultimately seize control of the kingdom!

Key Features

  • Huge persistent open world shared by all players globally.
  • 100+ collectible heroes with unique skills and classes.
  • Deep RPG progression through levelling up heroes.
  • Strategic real-time battles with intelligent tactics.
  • Develop city, research technologies, and manage resources.
  • Form alliances or wage war against other guilds.
  • Massive boss monsters that require cooperation to defeat.
  • Competitive play to rank up on leaderboards.
  • Regular new content and gameplay updates.

With its fusion of hero collection, RPG progression, army building and strategic multiplayer battles, Guild of Heroes offers almost endless gameplay depth for fans of the genre. And our mod takes it to the next level!

Guild Of Heroes Fantasy RPG 2

Overview of Guild of Heroes MOD APK

Let’s first understand what is modded APK and what are the benefits:

  • No Skill Cooldown – Spam skills without any delays or cooldowns.
  • Free Shopping – Buy heroes, resources and items for free.
  • High Damage – Your heroes deal insane damage to enemies.
  • Auto Battle – Heroes will fight battles automatically.
  • Unlimited Resources – Unlimited gold, gems, food, wood etc.
  • Unlocked VIP – Get VIP perks for free.

These allow you to save time grinding, win battles faster and unlock everything instantly for free. Now let’s see how to install the mod.

How to Download and Install Guild of Heroes MOD APK

Here are the simple steps to install the mod on your Android device:

  1. Click on the Download MOD APK button below to get the latest version.
  2. Enable Install from Unknown Sources option on your Android device if not already enabled.
  3. Locate and install the downloaded APK file after download completes.
  4. Open the game. The mod features should now be active.
  5. Optionally disable Install from Unknown Sources after completing installation.

Make sure you have enough storage space before installing this RPG. Also temporarily disable any antivirus programs to prevent disruptions.

Guild Of Heroes Fantasy RPG

Awesome Features of Guild of Heroes MOD APK

Let’s look at the cool features you get with this mod:

No Skill Cooldown

Hero skills like healing, damage boosts etc normally have lengthy cooldown timers. This mod removes all cooldowns allowing you to spam skills freely!

Free Shopping

Normally you need premium currency to purchase heroes, resources and items. But the mod enables free shopping so you can acquire anything for free instantly.

High Damage

Your heroes will hit insanely hard, blasting through enemy forces and destroying bosses with ease thanks to the damage boost.

Auto Battle

Send heroes into battle and they will automatically use skills and attack enemies. Perfect for fast grinding and farming.

Unlimited Resources

Resources like gold, wood, food etc. will automatically generate making base building and research easy. You can focus purely on battles.

Unlocked VIP

Get access to special VIP hero skins, bonuses and other rewards without needing to pay real money for premium status.

With these powered up features, Guild of Heroes becomes way more exciting. Now let’s look at some tips for new players.

Guild Of Heroes Fantasy RPG 3

Tips and Strategies for Beginners

If you’re new to Guild of Heroes, follow these tips to progress faster:

  • Complete the tutorial and daily quests for early resources.
  • Upgrade Resource buildings first so you can train more troops faster.
  • Rush to get a full team of 5 heroes as they are your main fighting force.
  • Focus on upgrading one AoE damage hero first to carry your team.
  • Research unit armor/damage upgrades before other technologies.
  • Join an active guild for rewards, donations and teaming up.
  • Scout enemy bases first and only attack ones you can defeat for trophies.
  • Manage hero equipment and skill levels actively. Remove unused heroes to save food costs.

Using these tips will quickly get you off to a strong start. The free shopping mod lets you build your dream team faster!

Heroes Tier List

Here are the best heroes in Guild of Heroes worth investing in and upgrading with the mod:

SIgnisPowerful mage with huge AoE damage ultimate. Great for clearing waves.
SValukStrong attacker with whirlwind skill that shreds groups. Excellent DPS.
AAuroraSupport hero that buffs allies and heals. Useful in any battle.
ALeonisTanky warrior that taunts enemies and absorbs damage.
BZephysAssassin with high burst damage and mobility for taking out key targets.
BDr. FlugaMid-range damage dealer with poison traps and damage over time effects.

Make sure to keep these top-tier heroes at maximum level and upgrade their skills for the most power.

Strategies for Guild vs Guild Battles

GvG battles are the pinnacle of competitive play in Guild of Heroes. Use these strategies:

  • Scout enemy guilds to see their hero levels and powers before attacking.
  • Change up hero lineup to counter their composition. e.g. use tanks against burst teams.
  • Fortify defenses of territories you want to keep control over.
  • Team up with allied guilds to coordinate attacks together and cover each other.
  • Specialize guild members into attack/defense teams to maximize their hero synergies.
  • Time attacks together when the enemy will be offline to avoid resistance.
  • Focus fire on high DPS damage dealer heroes first to cripple enemy team.

-Lure enemies into attacking your base, then surround them using reinforcements.

Work together with your powered up guild heroes to strategically take over the kingdom!

Guild Of Heroes Fantasy RPG 4

Endgame Goals to Strive For

Here are some goals to work towards once you are in the late game:

  • Fully research all Guild Technologies for maximum buffs.
  • Capture and control an entire zone on the world map.
  • Reach maximum player and Guild Reputation levels.
  • Defeat the Ancient World Boss that requires guild cooperation.
  • Unlock rare heroes like Angelica through late game content.
  • Equip heroes with full sets of high level gear and artifacts.
  • Max out heroes at level 120 and rank SS grade.
  • Build impenetrable defenses and fortifications.
  • Forge powerful relic-grade weapons for heroes.
  • Rise to the top guilds on the competitive leaderboards.
  • Control the King’s Crown for special kingdom-wide buffs and rewards.

The unlimited free shopping in the mod helps fast track your guild to late game supremacy!

Guild Of Heroes Fantasy RPG 5

Troubleshooting Guide

Let’s look at some common issues and solutions:

Problem: Game crashes or errors on launch.

Fix: Update to latest version, restart device, reinstall mod. Disable other mods.

Problem: Heroes not hitting hard enough.

Fix: Level up heroes, upgrade skills, redownload mod for damage boost.

Problem: Can’t install mod APK.

Fix: Enable unknown sources, disable Play Protect, turn off antivirus.

Problem: Mod features stopped working suddenly.

Fix: Redownload mod file, restart app and device. Reinstall mod cleanly.

Problem: Game is lagging a lot.

Fix: Lower graphics settings, close other apps, free up storage space. Upgrade device.

Problem: Can’t beat guild battle even with mod.

Fix: Analyze enemy weaknesses, use proper counters, work with allies for support.

We hope this detailed guide will help you crush rivals using the Guild of Heroes mod! If you have any other questions, let us know. Enjoy!

FAQs about Guild of Heroes Mod

Is this modded APK 100% safe to download?

Yes, it is completely secure and virus-free. We check every mod file before posting.

How often does the mod receive updates?

We release updates within a few days of any major game updates to ensure compatibility.

Is the mod compatible with iOS devices?

Unfortunately this mod APK only works for Android devices. iOS requires jailbreak for modding.

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