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Name Age of Magic Age of Magic is the most famous version in the Age of Magic series of publisher Playkot LTD
Publisher Playkot LTD
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Immerse yourself in the epic world of Age of Magic, a highly polished turn-based RPG on mobile. Collect powerful heroes, wage tactical battles, and unravel an exciting story across stunning fantasy landscapes. This article provides an in-depth look at the addictive gameplay and top features of Age of Magic. We’ll also cover some awesome mods that enhance damage, add immortality, and more!

Age Of Magic

Introduction to Age of Magic

Age of Magic takes you to the fantasy world of Ravage, a battle-scarred realm facing destruction. As the champion of one of six factions, you must gather armies of heroes and mythical creatures. These include human knights, elven rangers, undead liches, orcs, demons, and more.

With these units, you command them in deep turn-based battles across detailed PvE campaigns and PvP arenas. Defeat menacing enemies and restore peace to Ravage with smart tactics and skillful strategy. With eye-catching graphics, immersive lore, and in-depth character development, Age of Magic pulls you into its enchanting world.

Key Game Features

  • 60+ collectible heroes with unique abilities
  • Stunning 3D graphics and animations
  • 6 races and factions to side with
  • 100+ campaign missions and challenges
  • PvP arenas to duel other players
  • Automated bot battles to grind rewards
  • Crew system for hero synergy bonuses
  • Constant new updates and content

Let’s take a closer look at why the gameplay of Age of Magic is so engaging and fun.

Age Of Magic 1

Addictive Turn-Based Combat

The turn-based combat is the heart of Age of Magic. When you enter a battle, the gameplay shifts to a grid battlefield where units take turns moving and attacking. You must outsmart the enemy by positioning your units for optimal effectiveness.

For example, ranged heroes should be placed on high ground for better shots. Fragile damage dealers should be protected by tank heroes who can absorb hits. Area of effect spells can damage clustered enemy squads. With so many unit abilities and spells, the combinations are endless.

The positioning and turn order adds layers of tactical depth not seen in simpler action RPGs. Patient players who take the time to master turn-based mechanics will excel. Adjusting your crew’s equipment and artifacts also impacts combat strength.

Defeating all enemies and completing mission objectives will earn you stars and loot for upgrading your heroes. The combat keeps you engaged as you build your dream team to take down menacing bosses.

Captivating Fantasy Setting and Story

Age of Magic draws you into its fantasy world not just with fun gameplay but an immersive setting. The realm of Ravage has been torn apart by turmoil and war. You join the conflict as a champion of the human alliance, proud elven clans, undead necromancers, demonic legions, or other factions.

Over 100 story campaign levels, you unravel an epic tale full of twists and turns. High quality CGI cinematics help bring crucial moments to life. The detailed hero profiles and dialogue also add character backstories to get invested in.

Exploring the vast overworld map between battles, you appreciate the scale of forests, valleys, snowy peaks and more that make up Ravage. The lavish environments become even more spectacular when armies clash in combat.

Age Of Magic 2

Collect and Upgrade 60+ Heroes

A major part of the fun is collecting the big roster of heroes, each with truly unique skills and abilities. Rarity also ranges from common to epic characters.

Some examples of the diverse heroes include:

  • Roland: Stalwart human paladin who can heal allies and shield them from damage.
  • Atiles: Elven archer that deals rapid ranged attacks and cripples foes.
  • Xaart: Evil lich sorcerer casting deadly fireballs and buffing undead units.
  • Azariel: Roguish assassin who vanishes into the shadows before backstabbing enemies.
  • Gnarlroot: Hulking tree monster who soaks up tons of punishment thanks to thick bark.

There are tons of heroes to mix and match into your ideal squad. Their colourful designs and background lore also brings life to each character.

Beyond just collecting heroes, you have plenty of ways to develop them. Gain XP from battles to level them up and upgrade skills. Ranking them up increases rarity and power exponentially. Equipping gear, artifacts and crests boost stats like Health and Attack. Evolve them for a prestige bonus and new look. The progression systems enhance your attachment to characters.

Engaging PvE and PvP Game Modes

Age of Magic offers plenty to do beyond the main story campaign. Proving Grounds present challenging scenarios to earn chests and items. The Tower is a gauntlet of ascending floors with rewards that refresh weekly.

Treacherous Dungeons require key strategies to clear each floor’s brutal enemies. Rogue-like Chaos Portals also have you select modifiers to tackle randomized hero battles.

For PvP, the Arena allows you to test yourself against real opponents. Climbing the tiers earns trophy rewards and leaderboard prestige. You can also join a Guild to cooperate and socialize with others.

Plenty of goals, milestones and challenges keep you engaged. Events add limited-time content and prizes as well.

Age Of Magic 3

Satanic Mod Features

Now let’s look at some of the potent mods that can drastically enhance your Age of Magic experience.

Custom MOD Menu

A handy menu mod lets you access and spawn any content, items, resources or heroes at will. Open the menu right from the home screen to freely browse every unlockable. Save tons of time grinding when you can acquire top-tier heroes and gear instantly.

One Hit Kill Mod

For truly god-like power, this mod makes your heroes defeat enemies with just one hit! Even the mightiest bosses will crumble before your overpowered squad. Feel like an epic legend as you effortlessly crush all who stand before you.

Immortal Heroes Mod

Tired of your heroes falling in battle? This handy mod makes your whole team immune to damage. Now you can laugh off the strongest enemy attacks and spells as your impervious crew demolishes everything without pressure.

Unlimited Money and Gems

Never worry about lacking resources again with this unlimited currency mod. Buy the strongest artifacts, evolve heroes and enhance gear without any restraint. Getting the most powerful roster imaginable has never been easier.

Auto Win PvP Arena Matches

For effortless domination of the PvP leaderboards, this mod auto resolves Arena matches in your favor against real opponents. Enjoy an endless win streak and reap all the trophies and rewards with no effort.

With our Age of Magic mods, you can push the game to its limits for a supremely fun power trip.

Age Of Magic 4

Tips and FAQ

For newcomers to Age of Magic, here are some helpful tips and frequently asked questions.

5 Useful Tips for Beginners

  1. Progress through campaign mode first to level up your starter heroes.
  2. Save gems for purchasing Premium and Elder chests only.
  3. Upgrade your Stronghold to unlock more content and functionality.
  4. Join an active guild for daily gift bonuses and community.
  5. Redeem promo codes on the Shop page for free loot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Age of Magic pay to win?

No, the game is very playable without spending money. Paying may help progression faster, but skill and strategy matter most.

What are the best heroes to get first?

Good starters are Rok, Lucky, and Xaart for damage. Kage and Astralith for crowd control. Rolland and Torak for tanking.

Should I buy heroes with gems?

Only spend gems on Premium and Elder chests for the best value. Buying souls to summon heroes directly is not advised.

What is the max level cap?

The current maximum hero level is 50. The player account level cap is 100.

How does PvP matchmaking work?

You are matched based on your trophy ranking tier and squad power. Higher ranks face tougher opponents.

Wrapping Up on Age of Magic

Age of Magic delivers a polished tactical RPG experience packed with cool heroes, challenging quests, and engaging turn-based combat. The fantasy setting and lore suck you into its world while progression systems keep you invested in building a powerful squad. Our mod features open up fun new possibilities like god-mode battles. For mobile gamers yearning for a deeper turn-based challenge, Age of Magic is easy to recommend. Now grab your mythic heroes and let the epic battles commence!

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Horrorween Festival! Unique trophies in the Hero Hunt. New heroes: Banshee, Frei'hel and High Witch Lilith. Celebrate Horrorween in Age of Magic!

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