Pirate Evolution! APK v0.27.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Pirate Evolution! APK v0.27.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Pirate Evolution! APK v0.27.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Pirate Evolution! Premium APK is an excellent mod that lets you play with Unlimited Money. You can immediately upgrade your ship and weapons.

Name Pirate Evolution!
Publisher Zynga
Genre Casual
Size 104.80 MB
Version 0.27.0
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Pirate Evolution! is the most famous version in the Pirate Evolution! series of publisher Zynga
Mod Version 0.27.0

Ahoy mateys! Join us on an epic swashbuckling journey across the high seas in Pirate Evolution – the insanely addictive pirate simulator for mobile! This deep strategy/idle RPG hybrid lets you live out the fantasy of becoming a powerful pirate captain, building a mighty fleet, plundering enemy ships, and conquering islands in massive naval battles.

In this gameplay guide, we’ll cover everything that makes Pirate Evolution such a uniquely enjoyable experience, including:

  • Assembling your scurvy crew
  • Designing deadly pirate ships
  • Plundering merchants and ports
  • Establishing pirate colonies
  • RPG progression and customization
  • Legendary ship evolutions
  • Titanic naval warfare
  • Playing offline
  • The unlimited money MOD

Hoist the sails and weigh anchor as we set course on the pirate adventure of a lifetime! Yarrrr!

Pirate Evolution

Building Your Rogue Crew

The first step on your journey to infamy is assembling a motley but mighty pirate crew. Recruit rowdy rogues from seedy taverns who possess skills like swordsmanship, navigation, and blacksmithing.

Train your crew and increase their power by:

  • Gaining XP from battles, exploration, and plunder
  • Equipping gear like cutlasses, pistols, and cannons
  • Unlocking talents and traits upon leveling up
  • Promoting loyal crew to officer positions for greater responsibility

With a scurvy band of cutthroats under your command, it’s time to set sail on the open seas! Just beware of mutiny if morale ever drops too low. The pirate life comes with many dangers both on and off the ship!

Designing Your Pirate Fleet

What good is a crew without some ships? In Pirate Evolution, you can construct multiple vessels to form a deadly pirate armada. Tailor each ship’s capabilities using the robust naval editor:

  • Pick from Sloop, Frigate, Galleon, Warship, and Ironclad hulls
  • Add cannons, mortars, flamethrowers, and other modules
  • Bolster armor, damage, speed, cargo, and other attributes
  • Custom paint job and Jolly Roger pirate flag for style points!

Experiment to find the optimal balance of firepower, durability, and maneuverability to decimate enemy fleets. Even name your ships for immersion. Now comes the fun part – sending your customized pirate ships out to plunder!

Pirate Evolution 1

Plundering Merchant Ships and Ports

Sailing the high seas in search of vulnerable prey to loot is an absolute blast. Use your spyglass to scout merchant convoys and ports, then commence pirate mayhem:

  • Naval Combat – Cannons blazing, maneuver to sink and board helpless cargo ships for sweet booty!
  • Smuggling – Bribe guards to sneak illegal rum or spices into prosperous ports for tons of gold.
  • Pillaging – Attack and ransack unlucky coastal towns, stealing resources and treasure before guards can respond.

Successful plunder means leveling up your crew, gathering precious loot to upgrade ships, and most importantly – fat stacks of pirate gold! But also beware of prime pirate hunter patrols looking to put an end to your freebooting ways.

Establishing Pirate Colonies

As your ill-gotten wealth and power grows, move beyond just ships by capturing islands to establish full pirate colonies:

  • Invasion – Land forces supported by naval bombardment to wrest control of islands from their owners.
  • Construction – Build housing, taverns, shipyards, markets, and defenses to develop your colony.
  • Management – Collect taxes from your pirates, manage gold reserves, and keep morale high.

Colonies become both your safe haven and source of steady income generation between plundering raids. But be ready to defend against massive invasion fleets sent by kings seeking revenge for your crimes on the high sea!

Pirate Evolution Evolve

RPG Progression Systems

Pirate Evolution also contains deep RPG progression systems that enable you to grow your pirate from a weak deckhand to legendary admiral. Here are some key upgrades:

  • Skills – Master swordsmanship, leadership, gambling, rum drinking (!) and other pirate skills.
  • Reputation – Notoriety increases certain loot yields and unlocks new ships.
  • Crew Capacity – House more pirates on ships and colonies the higher level you become.
  • Trade Connections – Establish routes and merchant contacts for consistent profits.

Mix and match captain skills, loyal officers, and ship builds to create unique playstyles. Will you be a ruthless cutthroat? Master tactician? Shrewd smuggler? The choice is yours!

Evolving Legendary Ships

The most coveted prizes are five mysterious legendary ships with unique evolutions. These specialized vessels grow progressively more deadly through special transformations:

  • Siren Song – Sloop gains a mesmerizing aura slowing and confusing foes. Further evolves into an explosive ghost ship.
  • Queen Anne’s Revenge – Frigate evolves into a fiery hellfire vessel summoning skeleton crews.
  • Flying Dutchman – Unkillable ghost galleon that surfaces from the depths to terrify enemies.
  • Black Pearl – Cursed warship with tattered black sails that becomes an invincible demonic abomination.
  • Steel Leviathan – Colossal ironclad juggernaut that transforms into a hulking submarine/battleship hybrid.

These mythic pirate ships provide overwhelming firepower and game-changing abilities that turn the tide of entire battles!

Massive Real-Time Naval Warfare

Put your pirate armada to the ultimate test in thrilling large-scale real-time battles! As your empire grows, you will eventually provoke all-out war against entire kingdoms.

These climactic encounters unleash total naval mayhem:

  • Dozens of ships colliding in epic cannon volleys
  • Boarding enemy vessels for bloody close quarters combat
  • Burning oil pots igniting ships aflame
  • Huge Royal Navy warships blasting multiple broadsides
  • Deploy legendary ships to decimate and demoralize foes
  • Emerge victorious against overwhelming odds through cunning strategy!

Standing triumphant atop the smoking wreckage of enemy fleets represents the peak of pirate supremacy!

Offline Progression Systems

Don’t worry mateys, Pirate Evolution offers engaging offline progression so you can always make progress even without an internet connection:

  • Crew trains skills, levels up, and scouts new recruits offline
  • Shipyards construct and upgrade your custom fleet offline
  • Send ships on autonomous plundering missions you can watch recordings of later
  • Colonies generate resources, taxes, and passive gold offline
  • Retain all collected loot and progression upon returning online

The immersive pirate management gameplay ensures you have plenty of offline tasks to rake in profits for when you return. Plus, offline mode means never losing your hard-earned progress if you sail into an internet dead zone! Aarrrr!

Pirate Evolution Fight

Unlocking Unlimited Money (MOD)

While the core progression loop of raiding and plunder funds your pirate operations, some scallywags prefer unlocking unlimited money with the handy mod!

Benefits of the MOD include:

  • Max out upgrades and skills instantly
  • Buy entire legendary ship and officer roster immediately
  • Construct unlimited custom ships and fleet sizes
  • Purchase all premium gear, buildings, and perks right away
  • Build multiple lucrative colonies without slowing grinding for funds
  • Focus purely on naval strategy and domination without money gates

With infinite gold to fully customize your ultimate pirate empire immediately, the MOD removes all barriers so you can set sail on total colonial conquest right from the get-go!

Pirate Evolution Review

Yarrr, after unleashing high sea havoc across hundreds of hours in Pirate Evolution, it’s clear this mobile game provides an exceptionally polished and deep pirate simulation experience that stands out within the genre.

Customizing every aspect of your ships, officers, colonies, playstyle, and strategy enables diverse enjoyable runs every time. The idle management systems are perfectly balanced with intense real-time naval battles once your empire grows. Chasing legendary ships and evolutions provides tremendous long-term motivation as well.

Some limitations like maximum crew size may hinder truly colossal fleets, but incremental updates continue improving the overall offering. For any fan of pirates, seafaring strategy games, or progression-focused experiences, Pirate Evolution is an absolute treasure!

Weigh anchor and live the swashbuckling dream! This robust pirate fantasy adventure delivers extraordinary breadth of content and freedom. A must-play for armchair admirals. Yarrr!

Pirate Evolution Explore

Pirate Evolution Review

Pirate Evolution stands out as an exceptionally polished mobile pirate simulation with deep progression, customization, evolving legendary ships, and large-scale real-time naval warfare against overwhelming odds. The fun blend of idle management with intense strategy and battles provides diverse runs every time. Despite some minor limitations, incremental updates continue improving this absolute treasure of a game. For any pirate or naval combat fan, it’s a must-play!

Pirate Evolution FAQs

Are the microtransactions mandatory?

Not at all, everything is attainable through normal gameplay. Purchases just speed things up.

How long does a full playthrough take?

Dozens to hundreds of hours depending on how deeply you engage with all the systems. Tons of content.

Can I play on multiple devices?

You bet – cloud save support syncs your progression across all linked devices automatically!

So weigh anchor and set a course for adventure in the massive Pirate Evolution open world! Just beware of scurvy, grog-filled nights, and the occasional mutiny attempt by the crew. It’s a pirate’s life for you!

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