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Stick War Legacy APK v2023.5.168 {MOD, Add Money}

v2023.5.168 by Max Games Studios
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Name Stick War: Legacy Stick War: Legacy is the most famous version in the Stick War: Legacy series of publisher Max Games Studios
Publisher Max Games Studios
Genre Strategy
Size 114.8 MB
Version 2023.5.168
Update January 18, 2024
MOD Add Unlimited Gems/Gold
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Prepare for stick figure warfare! Stick War: Legacy brings the classic web-based Stick War series to mobile with challenging real-time strategy gameplay. Control an army of stickmen across epic battles. Manage resources, assemble units, and conquer territories against other factions.

With its retro 2D animation style and deep RTS mechanics, Stick War Legacy is easy to pick up, but tough to master. Let’s march through an overview of the basics, multiplayer modes, strategies, and MOD perks that make this game a mobile favorite. Rally your stick battalions!

Stick War Legacy

An Introduction to Stick War: Legacy

The core mechanics involve gathering resources to train units, researching technologies, and commanding armies to defeat opposing factions. Matches feature PvP multiplayer and AI skirmishes across different game modes.

With appealing stick figure visuals,responsive touch controls, and competitive real-time strategy gameplay, Stick War: Legacy delivers compelling combat in the palm of your hand.

Key Gameplay Features

  • Collect resources to build and upgrade your base
  • Recruit and control sword, archer, magician, and other unit types
  • Research technologies to enhance units and abilities
  • Battle against AI or other players in real-time
  • Multiple playable factions with unique strengths
  • Competitive ranked seasons and leagues
  • Offline singleplayer and co-op modes

Whether old or new to the series, Stick War: Legacy offers rewarding strategic gameplay for all in an accessible mobile package. Now let’s head to the battlefield!

Stick War Legacy 2

Getting Started with Stick War: Legacy

Upon starting Stick War: Legacy, you’ll view a brief cinematic showing the origins of the war between the different stick figure factions. After picking your preferred faction, you enter the campaign overworld map.

Campaign Overworld Map

The campaign map displays the territories controlled by each faction along with available story and multiplayer battles. Tap a battle icon to enter a match in that location.


Stick War has 6 playable factions, each with unique units, strengths, and tech trees:

  • Order – Balanced starter faction with Knights, Archers, and Mages
  • Chaos – Powerful close-range fighter units led by the Swordwrath
  • Elementals – Summon elemental spirits like Giant and Golems as ranged tanks
  • Dark Elves – Quick, stealthy units ideal for rushing and hit-and-run
  • Stick Empires – Specializes in defensive buildings and economic boosts
  • Machines – Robotic mech walkers provide heavy firepower

Try each faction to find one matching your strategy. Their differences really change the gameplay.


In battle, your main objectives are to:

  • Build up your base by collecting resources
  • Train offensive units like swordsmen, archers, bombers, and more
  • Research tech upgrades to boost your army and economy
  • Manage unit control and tactics to defeat the enemy base

With the basics down, you’re ready to jump into your first match!

Stick War Legacy 3

Stick War: Legacy Game Modes

Stick War: Legacy provides different singleplayer and multiplayer battle modes to experience:


  • Multi-battle story mode against AI opponents. Slowly expand faction territory.


  • Single battle against AI to practice strategies. Set difficulty, map, and game length.


  • Battle against real opponents of similar rank in 1v1 or 2v2 matches.


  • Compete to rise through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Legend ranked leagues seasonally.


  • Team up with another player and battle AIs in campaign missions.

With diverse modes catering to competitive, cooperative, and solo play, there are plenty of ways to experience Stick War’s strategic action.

Stick War Legacy 4

Stick War: Legacy Unit Types and Controls

In battle, you’ll command groups of military stick figure units, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Here are common units and battle controls:

Swordwrath – Melee infantry, effective vs buildings
Archidon – Ranged bowmen good against units Magikill – Spellcasters with healing and area damage Bombers – Explosive suicide units Giants – High HP tanks that smash buildings


  • Tap units then tap target to attack
  • Drag to select multiple units as a group
  • Tap icon buttons for abilities like Heal
  • Tap tech buildings to research upgrades

Balancing your army composition while micromanaging units and maintaining economy is key. Now let’s breakdown gameplay basics.

Stick War Legacy 5

Stick War: Legacy Gameplay Basics

Matches play out in real-time with both players simultaneously building bases, training units, and battling to destroy the enemy’s Statue structure. Here are the core mechanics at play:

Resource Collection

  • Chop trees for wood and mine stone with units
  • Wood builds structures, stone trains units
  • Balance gathering wood and stone


  • Build additional barracks to train more units
  • Construct archery ranges, temples, bomber factories
  • Upgrade buildings like Castle for bonuses

Unit Training

  • Spend stone to train offensive units like Swordwrath
  • Manage unit cap – expand barracks to increase limit
  • Balanced armies counter enemy forces

Researching Tech

  • Use gold earned over time to research economy and unit boosts
  • Prioritize key upgrades to counter opponents
  • Certain tech available only to certain factions


  • Direct units to attack specific targets
  • Siege buildings with swordsmen, counter units with arrows
  • Use spells and abilities wisely
  • Defend your statue, destroy enemy’s to win

With smart resource strategy, building, unit training, and tactical control, you’ll overwhelm enemies. But expect challenging fights that test your collaborative skills.

Advanced Tactics and Strategies

Stick War: Legacy offers plenty of strategic depth if you dig deeper. Here are some key battle tactics and tips:

  • Rush enemy early – Strike before they build up defenses
  • Harass resources – Deny their economy and starve units
  • Control map – Dominate strategic chokepoints
  • Intel – Scout enemy base and army strength
  • Counter units – Spears vs cavalry, arrows vs spears
  • Flank – Attack from multiple sides to divide focus
  • Abilities – Time heals, shields, and AOE attacks properly
  • Feint retreat – Fake retreat then turn remaining forces to ambush
  • Tower creep – Slowly advance towers towards base for control

Mastering advanced maneuvers like manipulating AI pathing, luring enemies into traps, and precisely controlling troop formations and spellcasting can elevate your battle prowess.

MOD Features (Unlimited Money)

Stick War: Legacy remains engaging and competitive even playing vanilla. But MODs offering resources benefits exist for those seeking easier base building and upgrades.

Unlimited Money

Money mods provide endless gold from the start. Now you can rush research crucial tech, build overflowing armies instantly, and basically fast-forward your domination!

Max Research

Complete all tech trees and unit/building upgrades as soon as the match starts for overwhelmingly strong stickman battalions and structures.

Instant Training

Remove unit training cooldowns. Conjure enormous groups immediately to swarm and steamroll foes within minutes.

While divisive, these mods allow anybody to experience Stick War’s strategic potential with minimal grinding. Enable at your own discretion for lopsided fun.

Planning the Ultimate Stick Fighting Strategy

Stick War: Legacy retains the competitive spirit and strategic decision-making of classic real-time strategy games with an inviting stick figure aesthetic. Simplified mobile controls make commanding armies intuitive yet still offering advanced techniques to master.

Approach each battle with an adaptive grand strategy maximizing your faction’s strengths against weaknesses. Scout enemy movements and ruthlessly exploit any error. Position units for optimal skirmishing, then siege and demolish for total victory.

Yet also be flexible, improvising new tactics when the tides turn against you. A cunning general snatches triumph from the jaws of defeat with shrewd thinking and calculated risk.

So sharpen those spears, fletch fresh arrows, and prepare thundering magics. Fortune favors the bold, and the sticks that break their foes first! See you on the battlefield for legendary stick warfare!

Stick War Legacy 6

Stick War: Legacy Tips Cheat Sheet


  • Order – Balanced starter army
  • Chaos – Powerful short range units
  • Elementals – Tanky summons and ranged attacks
  • Dark Elves – Quick, stealthy hit and run
  • Machines – Heavy firepower walkers

Unit Types

  • Swordwrath – Melee DPS
  • Archidon – Ranged bow damage
  • Magikill – Support spells and healing
  • Giants – Tanky frontline defenders
  • Bombers – Suicide splash AOE

Key Strategies

  • Rush early before defenses build up
  • Balance economy and army size
  • Counter enemy units properly
  • Control map chokepoints
  • Use abilities and spells effectively
  • Feint retreats and ambushes
  • Flank and divide enemy attention

Follow these tips and you’ll be commanding legendary stick figure armies to victory in no time! Now get out there and break some sticks!

Frequently Asked Questions about Stick War: Legacy

Is Stick War: Legacy free to play?

Yes, Stick War: Legacy is free to download and play, but contains in-app purchases for currency to speed up progress.

Does it require an internet connection?

Yes, an internet connection is required to play as all battles are multiplayer and there is no offline mode currently.

Are there microtransactions?

Stick War: Legacy contains optional in-app purchases for premium currency used to speed up building and research. But they are not required to progress or win.

How many factions are playable?

There are 6 playable factions: Order, Chaos, Elementals, Dark Elves, Stick Empires, and Machines. Each has unique units and abilities.

Is there a campaign mode?

Yes, the main singleplayer mode is a multi-battle campaign with story content against AI opponents.

So rally your stickman army and get ready for battle in Stick War: Legacy today!

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