Township APK v15.0.3 (MOD, Unlimited Cash)
Township APK v15.0.3 (MOD, Unlimited Cash)

Township APK v15.0.3 (MOD, Unlimited Cash)

Township Premium apk offers you all the advantages. With this version, you have all the content and get unlimited cash.

Name Township
Publisher Playrix
Genre Casual
Size 152.4 MB
Version 15.0.3
MOD Unlimited Cash
Get it On Google Play
Township is the most famous version in the Township series of publisher Playrix
Mod Version 15.0.3
Total installs 100,000,000+

Township is a popular free-to-play farming game available on mobile devices. With its cute graphics and addictive gameplay, it’s easy to see why so many people get hooked on building up their own virtual farm and town. Here’s an in-depth look at how Township works and tips for getting the most out of the experience.


Getting Started in Township

When you first download Township, you’ll be taken through a brief tutorial that covers the basics of the game. You’ll start out with a small plot of land and a few coins to get growing.

The main resources in Township are coins, which are used to buy items and speed up production, and cash, which is used for purchasing special items and upgrades. You’ll earn more of both as you play.

Some key things you’ll want to do right away:

  • Plant crops – Wheat is a good starter crop. Plant as much as you can to start producing.
  • Build resource production buildings – Bakeries, dairy farms etc. These will generate valuable resources over time.
  • Complete truck orders – This gives you rewards and helps you progress. Just make sure you have the materials on hand!

Getting your farm up and running takes patience at first. But focus on building up your resources and soon you’ll be able to expand much faster.

Growing and Managing Your Farm

Farm plots start out small in Township, but you can eventually end up with huge crop fields if you want. Here are some tips for managing your ever-expanding farm:

  • Upgrade your plots when possible – Bigger plots means more crops grown at once.
  • Rotate crops – Some crops take longer to grow, so plan out what you want harvesting when.
  • Use fertilizer – Applying fertilizer speeds up crop growth. Use it strategically.
  • Hire helpers – As your farm grows, hire helpers like gardeners and farmers to automate production.

“I was able to grow so much more once I started planning out my crop rotations and using fertilizers at the right times!”

Make sure to harvest crops promptly once they are ready. Unharvested crops will wither after a while and be a waste!

Township 1

Supplying Your Townspeople

A bustling town starts with happy, well-supplied residents. Here’s how to keep your townspeople satisfied:

Build resource production buildings

Construct bakeries to produce bread and cookies, dairy farms to produce milk and cheese, sugar mills to produce sugar, and so on. The more you have, the more you can supply your town with.

Make truck deliveries

As your town grows, truck orders will come in for specific amounts of resources. Make sure to have enough in storage and tap to deliver it for rewards.

Upgrade town buildings

Upgrade homes and community buildings when possible to increase population and unlock new features. Keep an eye on what resources town buildings require.

Keep your factories running

Factories produce various items from your resources, like clothes and ice cream. Keep them staffed and churning out goods!

“It took me a while to produce enough sugar for my cake factory. I’m so glad I upgraded my sugar mill – now I have more cakes than I know what to do with!”

If you stay on top of producing what your town needs, you’ll be rewarded with a bustling, happy township in no time!

Township 2

Customizing Your Town

Once your town in Township is up and running smoothly, it’s fun to customize it to your liking with buildings and decorations. Here are some customization tips:

Place buildings strategically

You can move buildings around your town. Place factories near resources, homes near community buildings, etc. Group similar buildings together.

Decorate empty spaces

When you have awkward empty spaces, fill them in with decorations like plants, sculptures, and park benches. This makes your town look complete.

Create themes

Come up with a theme for areas of your town, like a farmland area, a posh neighborhood, or a wilderness park. Use decor to make them fit the theme.

Use paths and fences

Paths and fences help define spaces and make your town layout look neat and organized. Use them to create borders.

“I made a cute little picnic area with a pond and trees to create a park area in my town. I love how the paths and fences make it look so cohesive!”

With so many fun decorations, you can really make your town unique. Let your creativity shine!

Township 3

Expanding Your Town

As your town in Township grows, you’ll be able to expand into new areas and build even more. Here are some tips:

Clear land

Use dynamite to clear out rock chunks, stumps, and old ruins blocking areas you want to build on. Each cleared spot gives you more room.

Complete town tasks

By completing delivery truck tasks and other town tasks swiftly, you’ll earn rewards like expansion permits to open up new areas.

Save up materials

Expanding requires bricks, slabs, panels and other materials, so make sure you are producing lots of these in your factories. Stock up!

Plan new areas

Think ahead about what you want in new expansion areas. Map out new neighborhoods, farm plots, production buildings, etc.

“When I expanded into a huge new area, I was able to create this gorgeous park for my town with ponds, gardens, benches – it’s amazing what you can do with enough space!”

With strategic expansions, your tiny starting town can keep growing into an amazing settlement. The potential is huge!

Township 4

Competing Events and Activities

There are always events and activities going on in Township. Here are some tips for competing and winning:

  • Keep up with crop events – These rotate frequently. Plant the crop highlighted to earn rewards.
  • Craft event items – You’ll get crafting recipes to make special event items. Make as many as you can.
  • Fill boat orders – When cruise ships dock, fill the orders correctly and swiftly before they ship out.
  • Complete puzzle pieces – Earn pieces from activities and combine them to win prizes.
  • Use boosters when needed – Strategically apply boosters to produce more, harvest faster, etc.

“I love when the crop events come around for my high-level crops like corn – it gets me to harvest more of them and I earn more coins!”

With the right strategy, you can be a top event competitor in Township and win all the best goodies!

Township 5

Helpful Strategies and Tips

Here are some other helpful strategies and tips to get the most out of Township:

  • Check in frequently – The more often you check in, the more you can harvest, collect, and produce. Set reminders if needed.
  • Plant high-value crops – Crops like corn, carrots, and strawberries sell for more and are needed for orders.
  • Upgrade machines – Check production buildings often for upgrade opportunities to boost output.
  • Spend coins wisely – It’s better to spend coins on production boosts than instant finish. Get more value.
  • Use barn tools – Keep machines stocked with tools like honeypots, gears, and baskets to maximize production.
  • Develop new areas slowly – Don’t build up new areas too fast. Build incrementally to manage resources well.
  • Participate in events – Events and contests allow you to win big rewards and items for your town.

“My town grew at lightning speed once I started being more strategic with how I played – following these tips really maximizes everything you can do!”

With these handy Township tips and tricks, you can develop an efficient, thriving town and keep your gameplay exciting. Have fun growing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more coins quickly?

Some of the best ways to earn coins quickly include harvesting fully grown crops, filling truck delivery orders, completing daily tasks, upgrading production buildings, fulfilling boat orders, watching video ads, and participating in events. The more you play actively, the more you’ll earn! Also in this version you start with unlimited cash.

What should I spend my cash on?

Save your cash for important upgrades like additional production slots for buildings, new areas to expand your town, special limited-time items in the shop, and boosters that are hard to obtain like dynamite and gold keys. Resist spending cash on speeding up small production tasks.

How can I get supplies faster?

Upgrading your production buildings like bakeries and dairies will help them produce supplies much faster. Using boosters like donuts and bolts on them helps too. And be sure your factories have enough machines and barn tools to maximize output!

What is the best crop to grow early on?

Wheat is one of the best starter crops. It grows quickly, sells for decent money, and is used in lots of truck orders early on. Plant as much wheat as you can handle to build up your coin supply. Corn, carrots, soybeans, and strawberries are also good options.

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