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Name Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter is the most famous version in the Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter series of publisher TINYSOFT
Publisher TINYSOFT - slots
Genre Role Playing
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Version 3.0.3
Update November 28, 2023
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If you crave punishing, hardcore combat in mobile RPGs, Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter satisfies. This gritty Soulslike RPG throws you into a cursed realm as a vengeance-driven hunter on a quest to slay vile monsters. With precise real-time combat, menacing monster design and mods to boost the experience, Path of Evil brings Dark Souls appeal to mobile.

Path Of Evil Immortal Hunter

Introduction to Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter fuses deep RPG systems with skill-based martial arts combat for mobile. You play as Clayton, part of an order who hunts daemons that feed on human souls. After a failed mission that claims his family and fellow hunters, Clayton sets off on a dark quest for vengeance empowered by a mysterious relic.

The world is bleak yet beautiful, ravaged by soul-devouring daemons and lost kin. Each area from gloomy forests to icy peaks presents environmental challenges and lurking horrors. Combat demands patience, timing and pattern recognition as you battle hulking beasts, aggressive mobs and bosses. With the tagline “Die. Improve. Die Again”, Path of Evil embraces brutally challenging gameplay.

Key Features:

  • Precision gesture/touch combat
  • Stamina-based movement and attacks
  • Hundreds of armor, weapons and spells
  • Classless build variety like RPGs
  • Monster hunting bounties
  • Epic boss battles
  • Dark fantasy open world
  • Deep item crafting and upgrades
  • Premium currency and ads completely optional

If you crave mobile RPG challenge and combat refinement, Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter is a must-try. Let’s see what makes surviving its dark realms so rewarding.

Path Of Evil Immortal Hunter 1

Visceral, High-Skill Combat

The demanding real-time combat of Path of Evil is its crown jewel. Instead of just tapping buttons, you actively block, dodge and aim attacks using touch or gesture controls. Precise timing and positioning are crucial against enemies that hit brutally hard.

Dodging requires reading monster tells and quickly reacting when they swing. Successful blocks and dodges open up counter windows for you to deal damage. Landing headshots or exposing monster weak points requires carefully aimed swings. Massive health pools mean even normal foes take time and skill to overcome.

Stamina conservation also adds deeper strategy, as every jump and swing depletes your bar. Run out of stamina in a fight and you’re helpless. This makes combat chess-like as you strike selectively and maximize each opening. Overall, the intense high-skill combat provides satisfying challenge.

Path Of Evil Immortal Hunter 2

Huge Array of Weapons, Armor and Builds

RPG customization lovers will adore the armory’s selection, spanning:


  • Swords – One and two handed variants
  • Axes – Slow but hard hitting
  • Spears – For long reach
  • Bows – Accurate but stamina taxing
  • Claws – Bleed inducing
  • And more like whips, scythes, and fists


  • Robes – Light armor favoring mobility
  • Leather – Balanced protection and weight
  • Mail – Heavy but resilient metal armor


  • Elemental – Lightning, ice, fire
  • Wards – Shields that block damage
  • Sigils – Buff allies or debuff foes
  • And plenty more across schools of magic

Mixing and matching gear allows diverse builds like nimble rangers, battle mages and heavy knights. Hardcore min-maxers will love optimizing loadouts to match their playstyle.

Path Of Evil Immortal Hunter 3

Intense Boss Battles

While the common beasts offer plenty of challenge, confronting the colossal bosses tests your skill masterfully. These screen-filling monsters have complex movesets and multiple phases forcing you to adapt.

Some notable adversaries include:

  • Giant Hungering Maw – Summons tiny minions and shoots acid.
  • Corrupted Treant – Has devastating root grapples and nature magic.
  • Death’s Herald – Teleports around erratically with deadly scythes.
  • Queen of Rot – Spews disease clouds and turns terrain against you.

Each feels distinct with unique mechanics to learn. Positioning, timing and pattern recognition are everything against these lethal titans. But the primal thrill of toppling a boss after intense combat makes the effort immensely rewarding.

Grim High Fantasy Setting

Path of Evil immerses you in melancholy fantasy realms facing monstrous threats. The painterly visuals showcase environments both beautiful and hostile. Light shafts pierce abandoned temples while waterfalls cascade next to forgotten dwarf mines. But darkness looms over all.

Great effort was spent crafting monster behaviors and effects to feel visceral. Hulking fiends lumber with appropriate weight while wispy spectres move erratically. Powerful strikes and spells have epic visual and sound design for maximum impact.

Item lore and trophies from fallen enemies provide small clues into the history of each land. Though most remains shrouded in mystery, letting your imagination fill the gaps. Overall, the mournful realms brim with perilous adventure.

Path Of Evil Immortal Hunter 4

God Mode with MODs

Path of Evil already provides steep challenge and hours of content in its free base game. But the gameplay possibilities grow with mods:

🧬 God Mode

Become an utterly invincible god of destruction against monsters thanks to one-hit kills and immortality. Experience the story freely without frustration.

💰 Unlimited Coins and Gems

Normally used for purchasing weapons, armor and items. Enjoy free shopping and build experimentation with unlimited currency.

🎁 Free IAPs

Gain instant permanent access to all in-app purchases like ad removal and soulstone packs for free. Enjoy full unhindered gameplay.

📚 Custom Quests

Use the quest creator in the mod menu to curate your own custom monster hunting missions and bounties. Tailor challenges to your preference.

God mode allows freely exploring Path of Evil’s somber realms while fully equipped. Take in the atmosphere completely stress-free.

Beginner Pro Tips

Path of Evil demands much, but these pro tips will set you on the arduous path:

5 Essential Tips for Starters

  1. Aggro only one enemy at a time until you master combat.
  2. Tackle quests 5 levels below yours so fights remain manageable.
  3. Prioritize vigor and stamina in early level ups. You need lots of it.
  4. Learn to parry effectively to create counterattack windows.
  5. Keep multiple weapons upgraded for advantages in different situations.

Important Combat Insights

  • Heavy armor negatively impacts stamina regen – keep END high to offset.
  • Become a backstab expert – stealth kill unaware enemies quickly.
  • Familiarize yourself with the visual tells of each enemy attack type.
  • Use summoned pets and allies to divert monster aggression when overwhelmed.
Path Of Evil Immortal Hunter 5


Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter offers perhaps the most refined, skill-based combat of any mobile action RPG. The tactile controls combined with formidable beasties provide addictive challenge. Our recommended mods empower controlling the experience to your liking. If you crave the refined dance of Dark Souls battle on mobile, Path of Evil is perhaps the closest you will get and well worth mastering. Now ready your sword and steel your nerves brave hunter – fierce horrors and rich rewards await!

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• story progression through map with new dungeons and environments • new enemies and enemy classes • complete overhaul of weapons, armor and the rest of player equipment • powerful new rare, epic and legendary items with special abilities • player stats and playstyle customization • complete rebalance of the game • more emphasis on elemental mechanics • polished combat mechanics • new spells • updated AI behaviour

Download ( 564.8 MB )

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